January 1, 2009

New Year, New Beginning

After the fun celebrating the coming of 2009 the other night I managed to wake up early for my thursday run and started the new year running. The day was pretty good, with grey skies, cold wind and a drizzle. Thankfully all the smoke from last night's celebrations were gone, left scattered on the road were leftovers from multitude of firecrackers and fireworks that were used.

When I left home, no one greeted me on the streets but the buildings and electric posts. Only few people are out on the streets, most are still asleep from last night's revelry. Some hard-headed individuals may be at the hospitals visiting their good old friend doctors because this is the moment of the year when they greet each other, aargh! I felt the loneliness on the road as I ran, but never mind, this is just once in a lifetime, and is mostly feasible at this time of the year. What a good sight indeed. The roads were empty and there were no fumes from cars that ply the route, I breathed easily as I did my run. The going was fantastic as I ran in an easy-relaxed pace all throughout the 10km route of south triangle. 

empty roads to start the new year

I believe that this early run will catapult me to a better running season this year. As the saying goes; the early bird catches the early worm, I wish I could join more races this year and enjoy every kilometer of them, meet friends along the way and share the passion with them. Here's wishing everyone a joyful and injury-free running year. See you at the races.


  1. Hi Vener. What a photo!

    Your run was similar to mine this morning. No traffic and hardly anyone outside. I have to admit that I like it every once in awhile.

    Happy New Year once again and a great start for you in 2009!

  2. Hi Vener,

    I envy you for having the New Year's day run. I was unable to run because of the morning haze caused by the fireworks on New Year's Eve. I was only able to run today.

    Here's to a great 2009 running season!

  3. Hi, Wayne.
    Hi, Sir Ipe.
    Thanks for dropping by, it is indeed good to start a running year this early. I believe most of us are still agog to start this 2009 by running. Its better late than never, so better pile up the mileage. Happy new year!

  4. Hey Vener! Happy New Year Bro! I'll be seeing you at the races!

  5. Happy New Year, Vener.

    I wanted to run on New Years Day too, but had to stay at home since the maids were still away. Binantayan ko yong mga anak ko, I played the domestic mom, hehe.

    I wish you more runs, greater distances, and syempre, more fun while doing them. You're off to a great start already :-)

  6. I started also the year the same way. Perfect time to run in fact.

    Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in races soon.

  7. Hi Gene, I'll do the bull run, hope to see you there. Keep on pushing your mileage, man, the IMP is fast approaching. Good luck!

    Hi MJ, thanks for dropping by. I hope I could see you again, training and racing too. Keep on running.

    Hi Jon, it's nice to have a good start, medyo nakabuwelo na tayo, I know you're in for a more challenging 2009. Keep it up, see you soon.

  8. Happy new year Vener and Christy! Saw you running last Sunday at UP kaya lang pauwi na kami after finishing our run. Hope to you soon!

  9. Nice thing to start with this new season...May we have more runs and injury-free year ahead of us. Keep blogging and running.

    God bless.

  10. Happy new year, Vener! Miss ko na kayo ni Christy. I'm very happy we'll be meeting again soon. 15K ba kayo pareho ni Christy sa PSE Bull Run?

    Good luck in your training and in all your upcoming races. Bilib ako sa yo. First day of the year, and you're on the road running . . . talk about dedication. Saludo ako sa yo, Vener! Haven't run for a long time already I'm afraid I'm gonna crawl when I run my first 10K. Oh God, wag naman sana.

  11. Hi Bro. J - Next sunday we'll be there again. I hope to see you then. Happy new year too.

    Hi Ronnie - Yes, you're right, I hope everyone of us will have a blessed running year, more enjoyment behind the sacrifices. Happy new year.

    Hi Nora - Yes we'll be running the 10k, hope to see you at the start. Well, the race is very much ahead you still could have the time to run and train. If you feel you lack the training go for the mental boost. Good luck.

  12. Hahah nice suggestion Vener. Will keep that in mind. Mind over matter . . . I hope it works for me. Actually, ganda ng plano. What I didn't anticipate was my chaotic schedule because of the christmas season. Anyway, madami naman kayo na susuporta sa akin kaya confident ako na matatapos ko (di baleng last, basta matapos ko!)