December 13, 2008

Three Thirty Six Forty One

First the story
Second the countdown.
Third the race.
Now, the results.

The series of my Milo Marathon story for 2008 will culminate in this way. It started by out running the sub 4:00:00 clock during the eliminations thus giving the opportunity to run with the elites. Next the countdown began by having the feast with friends and qualifiers for the finals. Then the race itself showcasing the best effort molded from rigorous training. Outpacing the time to achieve a better finish, be proud of the accomplishment and took the dream of having three medals from three full marathons. And the verdict:

I am satisfied with the outcome of my race, a feat I will cherish for long. I am happy that my effort and perseverance paid off. I did my race fair and square. I did not cheat to gain this rank. I can walk with my head up.

pics with this year's champions


  1. Congratulations! That was a truly amazing effort and for all the sacrifice and commitment you have put in, you truly deserve it. Cheers!

  2. Vener, congratulations. You, along with a number of my running friends in the Philippines have put a lot of effort in their training this year. What a way to close out 2008!

  3. Congratulations Vener! We are all proud of you.

  4. mabuhay ka vener! and thank you for being the race fotog for us all in your free serve as an inspiration to run legit for milo haha.


  5. Congratulations, Vener. You are the kind of runner I want to be - intuitive, disciplined, giving and humble.

  6. Thanks Jay, back to day one na naman ulit tayo. New year, new goal, need to add extra effort to running again.

    Thanks Wayne, I'm looking forward to a more prosperous year of running ahead.

    Thanks Wilbert, you will be missed by the paparazzi during your race here, but just continue your passion in running abroad and don't forget to write down the experience.

    Thanks Jonel, I'm looking forward to running the milo elims + finals 2009 with you, keep up the good work.

    Thanks Rico, that was one of my take in running, and I will keep it that way. Dapat siguro magpa taho din ako, hehe. See you again.

  7. Wow, getting stronger. Congrats! What are running goals for next year? Please share and start a thread. :)

    I will not stop joining AIMS-accredited marathons until I qualify for Boston. Hopefully by the time I reach the age of 40 which is less than 2 years from now. This fuels me to run.

    Thereafter, Ironman and 100 mile or more ultra races!

  8. Congratulations! Sorry, I didn't read this sooner so I could've congratulated you personally last night. I didn't realize your time was this good, so much faster than the eliminations! We are truly proud of you!

  9. Thanks Jon, maybe another 2+1 full marathons again next year, hopefully, best of health and more quality runs. Happy holidays, Bro.

    Thanks Dindo, nakatsamba. Will try to run again this fast next year. Merry christmas and a happy running year ahead.