April 16, 2013

Celebrate The Outdoors At Filinvest City

A new haven rises south of Manila. Filinvest City opened new possibilities for every runners and bikers alike with their new trail route that winds inside the city. This new urban haven away from the noise of the city is gearing up and aims to be the next sporting capital of the south.

Together with other runner/bloggers, I was privileged to run their newly extended trail route, thanks to Filinvest City Head Don Ubaldo, for touring us in their playground. The route extends 9km long and winds inside the Filinvest City itself. The route is a mixture of trail and concrete. My device measured an elevation gain of 34m with a maximum of 40m.

The experience was a blast. I had fun doing a trail run within a city. Gear up and head south, Filinvest City awaits you. Celebrate its beauty. Celebrate the outdoors.

Here's the press release from Filinvest City. 
Filinvest City, Gearing up For An Action-Packed Summer!  
It’s that time of the year when schools close down, the sun rises extra early and sets later than ever. Yes, it’s summer once again and there is no better place to play than in Filinvest City, where action and adventure can be found in every corner!  
Stride and Ride 
For its growing running and biking community, Filinvest City gives more reasons to hit the streets as it implements Carless Sundays allowing these enthusiasts to freely use the city’s tree-lined avenues for their favorite workout from 5 am to 10 am. During this time period, The City Loop, running from one side of Corporate, Commerce, Parkway and Filinvest Avenues, will be closed off while the other side of these streets will accommodate two-way traffic.  
These runners and cyclists will also be able to experience the unique thrill of conquering the rugged terrain in the newly-expanded 9km bike/run trail within Filinvest City. And to aid running and bike aficionados to take their game to the next level, trail running and biking clinics will also be hosted.  
Already, racers are eager to test their mettle against one of the toughest physical trials known to man, the Xterra Mud Run, an off-road marathon that will take place at this newly opened bike/run trail at the end of May. 
Sun and Fun 
All these can be experienced in complete safety thanks to round-the-clock security, and can be accessed with relative ease as transportation points are also operational 24/7. 

Anyone who’s looking for a summer to remember doesn’t need to go far. At Filinvest City, the action is always sizzling hot and the fun is just yours for the taking!  
Filinvest City, a mere 15-minute drive from Makati, is a prime development of Filinvest, a leader in property development for over 50 years. Guided by the Gotianun family tradition of integrity, quality and service, it forges ahead with renewed dynamism.  

For more information on Filinvest City’s special events, call 846-0278 loc 7093 or visit www.filinvestcity.com . Like us on Facebook: FC.inspiringpossibilities.


  1. I was supposed to be there but at any rate, am glad you guys enjoyed it. Cheers.

    1. Nakuwento nga sa akin ni Don that he invited you, pero you were on a seminar and can't join him. Anyway, they're hosting a trail run there, a mud run, maybe you can join. But there's no mountain running there, "dinosaur", hahaha.