September 28, 2009

I Did a Lemonade Today

I was home battling this cold for over a week now. Today xty is on the streets doing a 32km long run. I should be running with her if not for this cold that got aggravated after I travelled 17 hours from Batangas at the onset of typhoon ondoy. After weeks of medication it seems that this cold doesn't want to leave me. Three typhoons had visited and left the country, but this thing is still with me. I sacrificed not to run just to get rid of it.

After I bought a kilo of these little green things at the mercado early this morning, I was home making myself an alternative for those gatorades and energy gels. For this time being, I will indulge myself with this organic calamansi juice. After four hours of running xty arrived, and grabbed not the juice, but the powerade. Ouch! Kaysarap tumakbo. Kailangan gumaling na, kailangan tumakbo na. She's made herself ready for the qcim.

Today, I am home. Today, I made myself a lemonade.


  1. nakaka-uhaw naman sir vener hehehe

    nakaka-inggit din si ma'am xty sa 32km long run niya... i'm happy she's prepared for the qcim. please extend my best wishes to her. thanks!

  2. Get well soon Vener! Apir to Xty for the long run :)

  3. Let, thanks. I hope this will be the antidote.

    Jet, thanks. Mataas na nga ang morale niya re that event. I hope we could pull this through.

    Gigi, thanks. Lugi ako sa mileage, she's racking it up high. Baka ako ang tumirik during the event. Best regards.

  4. Is Xty running full? Hey get well soon Vener!

  5. Argo, yes she will do the full at the qcim. Thanks, sana nga gumaling na.

  6. Vener,

    Get well soon!

    Regards to Xty and good luck to her QCIM 42k quest

    See you on the road!


  7. Idol Vener, get well soon! Pagaling ka jan! Wow lakas ni Xty lupet! :)See you soon!

  8. Ray, thanks. See you on the road.

    Luis, thank you. See you soon.